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10 May
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Hi! *waves*

I see you have stumbled across my journal, you unfortunate person. But don't fear, neither me nor the journal bite.

Just a few things before you venture in...

1) I love Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Love, love, love. So be warned, as there will be some Hp/BTVS related posts in here.

2) I make icons. I write the fanfiction. Occasionally I draw. Links to these will be posted, save the all-important icon making. But more on that later ;)

3) In regards to Harry Potter, which I am very passionate about, I am a H/Hr shipper. Harry/Hermione for those who don't like abbreviations. I will not hate/curse/make voodoo dolls out of those who do not share my interest, but please, please please do not come here and tell me that I am wrong, that I must change my opinion, because damnit, then I will. Hate/curse/make voodoo doll that is. All shippers/non-shippers/half-giants are allowed in my journal, and I will be welcoming to you all.

4) Though I may sound tolerant, I'm really not. So I am not interested in anyone who is racist/sexist/homophobic/pro-Iraq war. I have a lot of opinions on people like this. I am not interested. Trust me.

And if I haven't bored you or scared you away or made you schedule an appointment with a therapist, please feel free to venture in my LJ and poke around. I am constantly friending, because I like (most) people. :D


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Icons will NOT be posted here. This is strictly a personal journal only. If you are here looking for graphics, go to my graphics journal make_it_mine and join! I will friend anybody who friends my personal journal, but just know that you won't be getting any graphics if that is what you came for.

Icon Resources: Tutorials, gradients, textures and brushes

teh_indy saava dragong inxsomniax immoral ohpaintbrush indilime crumblingwalls smokeandtears halicons colormered_cons ressie_noldo blimey_icons awmp candycrack drave lovemelikemusic ___xyourmistake aurey dearest pekeana colorfilter detoxcocktails wound3d filipinoz_rule _joni ___fatalromance

If you happen to recognise something on my icons that was made by you, and you do not appear on this list, please tell me, because I'm awful at keeping track of the things I use!

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My icon journal is at make_it_mine. Join/Friend the community to be updated!